Right now, we all need a break. Are you bored and frustrated of living with the lockdown?

The pandemic has brought grief, financial hardship and loneliness for many people, and looking after our mental health is now more important than ever.

By coming to and immersing yourself and your family in Catfield’s very own Holistic Wellbeing Centre, you and your family will interact with animals, nature, as well as our resident Counsellor and our Performance Psychologist.

Introducing -> The Family Reset Program “Where therapy meets nature.”


of people talking more to family


of parents feeling more stressed about family life


of parents wanting to make changes to family life post lockdown


of parents concerned about their children’s emotional health

* According to a BBC study.

What Is The Family Reset Program?

The Family RESET Program is a unique and bespoke counselling program designed to take your family on a nature based therapeutic journey. We are here to help with your family stresses, however big or small they may be. Feel your stresses melt away as we proceed through a variety of experiential and embodiment exercises guided towards reseting your nervous system. Heal from fatigue, trauma, anxiety and help strengthen your relationships in a fun and interactive way. The program is open for registration starting in April 2021- in line with COVID guidelines. A safe space to say the otherwise unsayable.

Our Goal

To provide a fun interactive therapy experience to help your family restore their natural and harmonious way of living and loving.

"This unique therapy experience, set in the picturesque village of Catsfield, will help you to overcome many of the difficult emotions and situations we are all facing" - Anthony Corby – MBACP

"Experiencing trauma (physical or mental) can affect the whole family, so The Family Reset Program is there to help the whole family to cope, and to support each other as best they can" - Jonne Tryphonos – HCPC

Our Main Message

Is to bring families back together through nature and to teach strategies that help family life to become easier. In the time of the pandemic, it is not easy for harmonious living and everybody will have their own unique way of coping. At the Holistic Wellbeing Centre, we aim to help unite families through these uncertain times and address these challenges together as a community.

Our approach to therapy offers the opportunity to create a peaceful environment where it allows families and animals to truly connect on the farm.

So Who Is It For?

This program is for any parent, grandparent, foster parent or sibling who wants to learn tools and strategies to offer better emotional support to their family

  • You understand the stress and strain the Covid Pandemic has placed on your family and want to work with trained professionals to assist with your family’s goals

  • You want to better emotionally support your family members, but you’re not sure how to approach the subject

  • You’re worried about the transition back to ‘normal’ life post lockdown and how life will inevitably change again

  • You or one of your family members have been diagnosed with a serious health condition, or at risk of developing a serious condition (i.e., heart disease)

  • You or one of your family members have been suffering from a mental health condition or have been struggling with stress, overwhelm or worry

  • You or one of your family members have been have been prescribed or recommended to increase physical activity levels

  • You’re concerned about one of your family members behaviour and how it’s changed since lockdown

  • Lockdown has made you realise what’s important and you want to set some new family goals, but you don’t where to start

  • You would like us to work holistically with other health professionals such as GPs, physiotherapists, nutritionists and visit you in a variety of settings (i.e., home visits, clinical settings and/or on zoom)

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