About Us

Anthony Corby (MBACP, Dip IHC, Dip EAL)

- is an integrative humanistic counsellor gaining his diploma from the Wealden Institute of counselling and psychotherapy in October 2019. Having qualified as an equine assisted therapist from Horse Haven UK in March 2019- Ant has extensively studied how to support clients who have experienced a range of traumatic events, utilising nature, equines and mindfulness. His philosophical approach is humanistic, that in essence all people have the capability to foster positive growth if the right circumstances are facilitated. Ant has been seeing clients at his Holistic Wellbeing Centre (Catsfield) since October 2019 and teaching mindfulness through nature since Sept 2016; providing the kind of space and circumstances required to enable positive growth. As well as helping people to overcome past traumas, Ant’s approach has also been found to be particularly helpful in supporting people on the autistic spectrum to better manage their emotions.

Jonne Tryphonos (HCPC Credential ID #PYL37007)

- has been a registered Practitioner Psychologist (Sport and Exercise Psychology) since June 2019. Having graduated from the University of Roehampton in 2014 he was awarded the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, as granted from the European Commission and accepted onto the European Masters programme where he completed his training as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist. His experience of working with teams and parents is what has enabled him to develop a more holistic picture of the world, enriching his approach when working with a wide range of clients.

Anthony and Jonne’s approach to therapy is both engaging and collaborative. They integrate the latest scientific research from family and team psychology with modern counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques. This is done in a relaxing and tranquil environment, away from clinical settings, in the heart of the beautiful Sussex countryside. The Catsfield practice is both rustic and soothing, nestled on the historic Normanhurst Estate, surrounded by wildlife and the resident horse- Ted.

On the Day:

1. Arriving on the Farm

On arrival at the Holistic Wellbeing Center, you will be warmly greeted and we will explain how the Family Reset Program works. We follow the philosophy of ‘being present’ (not ‘doing to’); that we see the family as a resource to be present with, not an object to be worked on. We find that each family’s specific needs require flexibility on our part; to find the best possible therapeutic method or solution for whatever you bring to the session. Premature conclusions or decisions are avoided.

2. Setting the Aim

Following on from a short introductory briefing and ice breaker exercise, we will begin to discuss your hopes and expectations from the program with everybody present. The family is invited to participate in the process, although there is no pressure on individual members to join in. The Family Reset Program believes the family unit is a wonderful resource with the potential to support real change which is vital to both establishing and keeping up with new healthy behaviours. Setting some goals for the therapy will help us discover your unique family values, which will ultimately determine the decisions we make moving forward.

3. Our Core Strategies

This is what really makes up the heart of The Family RESET Program, where you will experience and use actual tools and techniques that create lasting change. We are fortunate to be able to offer access to exercises using equine (horse) therapy, mindfulness on our private nature trail, talking around the fire and a selection of activities that take place around our family table. We have designed these strategies to be adaptable to the changing needs of each client or family. Whether the goal is to try new things, de-stress or discuss that big decision your family might be facing, we have all the bases covered which enables you to plan ahead for the future.

The pandemic has undeniably had a lasting effect on our stress levels and our mental resources. Government data has shown that people want to make changes to their family life post lockdown. Now is the perfect time to put those changes into action and bounce back from the toll this has had on our relationships. We appreciate everyone’s perspectives and will always provide a safe space where family members can feel comfortable to voice their concerns. We endeavour to build a new understanding in the space between family members through all of the exercises we do. We can say that a problem is truly resolved if everyone who voiced it as a concern no longer worries about it after the session.

4. Winding down

The Family Reset Program should result in a more supportive family environment, which means that your family will feel less stressed and more positive with newfound levels of cooperation. However, we understand the importance of debriefing after each session and the team is on hand to continue to meet with the family for as long as is needed. We allocate 1 hour and 30 minutes to each family in order to give us enough time for you to leave the farm feeling that you have-

  1. Been listened to
  2. Collaborated with trained professional on family goals
  3. Received on-going support from the team
  4. Built up new relationships with the team on the farm

Our promise to you:

The prioritisation of each individual family members’ well-being will always be put at the forefront of any work we do. Creating a collaborative environment between the consultants and the family is vitally important to the overall success of the consultancy work. The Family Reset Program is committed to building relationships with all family members equally to help foster a supportive environment.

We don’t talk about clients or families when they are not present and a separate confidentially agreement will be sent to you prior to starting the program. Once the Family Reset Program has been completed and if 1to1 sessions are advised, if required a team member will be selected, where possible, to undertake this. Family meetings are arranged as often as needed and no more than that. The team can meet separately with different family and network members when joint meetings are not possible.